Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pramotion in life and Job best way to get joyful life

      Pramotion in life and  Job  best way to get  joyful life

Career goal

You should have a career path when you accept any job offer - where to go after that? You learnt the skills required, mastered them and are now ready to take on new responsibilities. So, you are eyeing a promotion

Valution means pramotion
Promotions are an indication that you are noticed and valued by the company. In this growing competition, how to get your self noticed?
Positive outlook
Show interest in all the jobs you do. Have a positive attitude and don't crib about work in office or in office gatherings.

Set task
You need to set goals for yourself. If you have a certain trajectory in mind, it is easier to focus your efforts accordingly.

view advance
Don't stick to your desk. Be heard and be seen. Work hard so you are noticed by the senior management. 

job rotation
If you find any opportunity where you are required to handle jobs of people senior to you, don't hesitate to do so. If you have the ability to perform higher level jobs and you get noticed, then chances of you getting promoted increase. 

Expand your self in area
You can form mentorships with the senior management. You can also try getting into projects which involve the senior management or professionals higher up in the hierarchy level.

Discuss with incharge
The best thing to do is talk to your boss. Many times, bosses don't know an employee is eyeing a promotion and can overlook him/her when an opportunity comes. So you can approach your boss and talk to him about your career advancement. 



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