Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shri Hanumana – The Ocean of Love & Compassion

 Stories about Shri Hanumana which prove that he was also the ocean of love and compassion. But he had no hesitation in killing an evil person who harassed and killed others. Shri Hanumana knew that Ravana is afraid of fire. So he went to Lanka and burnt it with his power. He burnt Lanka but didn’t kill anyone. Ravana was not burnt. But he was terrified. Every one in Lanka was afraid that Ravana has committed sins. Before that the people of Lanka accepted whatever Ravana did and bowed before his desire. Nobody dared stop him. But when Lanka was burnt, the people were terrified. We could have been burnt down! But none was burnt. To make them conscious about Ravana’s heinous sins, Shri Hanumana burnt Lanka. How wise and balanced was Bajarangbali? In history we find that the most of the powerful people were full of love. Shivaji is an example. The more power he had, the more wise, systematic and balanced he was. When you could achieve
 this balance, only then you are Sahaja Yogis. Achieving power does not mean that you should say good bye to love and start misbehaving.

The dignity of your power lies in becoming the guardians of poor and down trodden. You have no need to fight with those who harass them and put them to trouble. Only bandhan will do the whole work for you. The power that you have achieved should be used to finish the negativity. But like Hanumana you do not have to take Sword and Gada in your hands. Your power is within you. By your experiences you could see that anyone harassing you is automatically finished, whether you take up weapons or not.
Thus you are protected and with you other Sahaja Yogis will also be protected. In it Shri Hanumana has an important role. You do not know that he is with you. His nature is as pure and innocent as that of a child. But he is very discreet and full of all the qualities. He was blessed with divine-discretion with which he could judge and understand everything with love.
Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanumana are the incarnations of this Divine Wisdom. Shri Hanumana was very powerful and fast and Shri Ganesha is cool-natured. But when required, both are very big hitters. They remain with you every moment. Whenever anyone troubles you, your protectors are there.
Often you see that security moves with the ministers and VIPs. The security of Sahaja Yogis also moves with them; that is, the security of Ganas. Ganas have many things to do. Ganapati – Shri Ganesha keeps them informed about you as to where is the problem, from where you are getting attacked and troubled. You do not know that if anybody wants to attack you secretly, even then these god’s ganas stand by you. When Shri Ganapati informs about it, Shri Hanumana sets them right. So Sahaja Yogis have no need to be frightened. No need at all to be frightened.

I tell you a story which is very surprising. America bombarded certain areas of Africa where they thought terrorists had hideouts. I am telling you the story of a place where some Sahaja Yogis used to live. One of the bombs exploded there and most of the people died. But there was absolutely no damage done to Sahaja Yogis. They were flabbergasted. Even the dust particles did not fall on them. They had never come to Cabella, not even thought of it. But after this incident they came to Cabella and told, “Shri Mataji we do not know who protected us? But we all Sahaja Yogis were saved. All other people have died.”
Now this is one incident. You are protected because you have accepted the God Almighty and Sahaja Yoga made yourself spiritually conscious. By this transformation you have become such devoted and powerful persons. Now no one dare touch you. I can give you thousands of such examples that once you get your self-realization in Sahaja Yoga then no one could harm you.”
–Shri Hanumana puja. Pune (India), 31 March 1999.
जय श्री माता जी

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